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Likes and Dislikes (2nd post)

If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page.  
- Mark Houlahan -

weeeeeeee..this is somewhat corny but i want to bring back this CLASSIC thing that every child does during their elementary years .. guess what? SLAM BOOKING ! LOL XD
(it's not my intension to copy the idea of the other contributor in this blog, it's just that slam-book came first on my mind whenever i here "tell me something about yourself" *nag explain lng ako, haha*)
hehe..don't worry I'll just get a part of it which is ..
I'll post my 19 likes and dislikes :)

1. food
likes: chocolate especially dark chocolate, im always craving with that!
dislikes: fish X( simula ng natinik aq ng isda nung bata ako ayoko na sa fish, kaya pag nakaen aq ng fish ngayon yung kilala ko lang na isda at dapat fried lang, ayoko ng may sabaw *arte much* LOL

2. movie

likes: well i love twilight series..that was the only movie i watched from the 1st series and hoping to watch the last series. i also like the filipino movie one more chance and my amnesia having more fun in watching romantic comedy story.
dislikes: i super hate movies with brutal scenes especially the saw series. I always imagine myself in that kind of situation where the actors were experiencing torture..its super gross !

3. color

likes: i love color pink and brown (they should be together always!) i also like the color red and black :) rock on \m/
dislikes: i hate orange ! no reason at all!

4. animal

likes: i want to have a puppy - a Japanese Spitz!! i also like to have a python, i dont know why but i super love big snakes!
dislikes: i hate crocodiles and sharks haha ! too dangerous ! rarr i also hate Lizards !

5. TV show

likes: any tv show that will makes me laugh out loud because i love to laugh ! LOL 
dislikes: uhmmm..loading..can't think of any tv show !

6. song

likes: too many to mention LOL basta i love rock ! pag happy edi ung parteeh parteeh n mga songs :)) 
dislikes: whew i hate classic songs katulad nung Gloomy Sunday ! freakin' song ! err

7. teacher

likes: i super like my teacher in math during 1st year ! he is so creative and a very good catalyst ! He's also the reason why i love math this much :)
dislikes: a teacher who doesn't know how to teach ! they should find other job !

8. cartoon character

likes: i super duper like bugs bunny and Tom and Jerry :)
dislikes: i hate tweety bird LOL dunno why i just hate that bird !

9. anime

likes: i like the anime School Rumble and my favorite character is Tenma and Yakumo sukamoto, they were sisters but their personalities were super opposite.
dislikes: i hate naruto .. i don't know why all of the boys like him that much .. was it because of his yellow hair?LOL

10. band/groups

likes: NEW YEARS DAY !! this band really rocks !
dislikes: i hate KPOP ! all they know is magpaCUTE .. err ! 

11. book

likes: haha i don't read books ! i hate that ! but my favorite book is the books of Bob Ong and uhmm.. that's all!
dislikes: books which were too thick without pictures and the font size is micro mini small !!!!!  

12. quotation

likes: It's better to give than to receive. i apply that in my daily livings
dislikes: Time is Gold ! 

13. games

likes: i love soccer and basketball. don't get me wrong! i don't know how to play that sports and I'm not an avid fan  of the teams playing that game! i just love it and if i would be given a chance i would like to play those. my father didn't allowed me to play those sports because he's always thinking that i might get injury on that!    
dislikes: i hate table tennis .. boring !

14. author

likes: eto na naman ! about sa books ulit ! haha my Favorite author is Bob Ong and Paulo Celho (I like him because of his quotation)  
dislikes: none ! hehe wala naman ako kilalang mga author so why i should hate or dislike them? :)

15. singer

likes: Mariah Carey forever !
dislikes: Sarah Geronimo ! lol 

16. actor

likes: Orlando Bloom, Robert Pattinson and Lee Min Ho forever ! in local scene, i like John Loyd Cruz!
dislikes: Willie Revillame LOL

17. actress

likes: Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie
dislikes: Sarah Geronimo again XD

18. Basketball Team

likes: LA Lakers !
dislikes:  Ginebra ! LOL XD just kidding ! none :)

19. subject 

likes: obviously MATH !! and recess LOL XD
dislikes: history haha !

wooh that's all i hope you got some info on me ! puh-leasse..remeber all those things LOL XD

so the next part of this blog is

How will you describe Eunika C. Zurbano also known as Nikki?
I'm going to write words that fits me
Those words is based on my personal and friends' observation
I had a copy of those words because we did this such king of thing before.
PS: violent reactions are not allowed LOL XD

naughty.alone.princess girl.crap

haha this makes me laughing right now because of this..i'm a psycho now ! LOL
how can i make this post reach 1000 words o_O 
i guess this is enough !

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